Eyelid Paralysis Treatment

Eyelid Paralysis TreatmentIf you’ve ever dealt with eyelid paralysis, you understand the difficulties and stresses that it can bring. Be it a sudden onset or something that a person has been dealing with for a while, eyelid paralysis requires expert treatment from a Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon. The physicians of La Peer Health Systems are world-renowned doctors who can help you overcome various types of facial and eyelid paralysis.

What Is Eyelid Paralysis?

Eyelid paralysis can occur as a result of an infection, disorder, or a suddenly. In most cases, eyelid paralysis occurs when a patient has trouble closing or opening their eyelid. There are several different treatment options that can help a patient regain the necessary strength required to close or open their eyelid. Below are some of the most common and most successful treatment options for eyelid paralysis by our La Peer doctors.

Upper Eyelid Gold Weight

This particular type of treatment is used for patients who are struggling with upper eyelid paralysis. During this procedure,  a small weight is surgically inserted into the upper eyelid to aid in the processes of blinking and closing your eyes. As you may have guessed, this works because the insert is a “weight,” and assists the muscles in the eyelid with the ability to open and close.

The oculoplastic surgeons at La Peer Health Systems are experts at performing this type of surgery for patients suffering from upper eyelid paralysis. During your initial consult with a Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon, the best course of action to successfully control your eyelid paralysis will be discussed.

Lower Eyelid Ectropion Surgery

Opposite of upper eyelid paralysis, lower eyelid paralysis occurs in patients that have a droopy or ‘outward rolled’ sagging lower eyelid. The best course of action to fix this type of paralysis is called lower eyelid ectropion surgery, and requires a small incision to be made to tighten the lower eyelid. This helps reduce its sagging appearance and also eye irritation and tearing.

Tarsorrhaphy Surgery

Tarsorrhaphy surgery is unique in the sense that it can either be permanent or temporary. In this surgery, a Los Angeles oculoplastic surgeon actually pinches the outer areas of the eyes to make them smaller, and therefore easier to blink and shut. Before undergoing this type of surgery, it’s always best to speak with your surgeon to make sure that this is the best option for you, as there are several other treatments that could also benefit your eyelid paralysis.

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