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Otolaryngologists are doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. La Peer's Otolaryngology Department is comprised of a team of specialists who concentrate on disorders and diseases of the ear, nose, larynx, head and neck, sinuses, respiratory tract, thyroid, trachea, and endocrine glands – essentially all the parts of the body that lie above the shoulders with the exception of the brain. All of the doctors at La Peer's Otolaryngology Department are board certified in otolaryngology with sub-specialty expertise. The physicians in our Otolaryngology Department are experts in their field and have had rigorous, comprehensive training to improve the facial structure through various techniques of reconstructive surgery.

La Peer's Otolaryngology Department has performed many routine and cutting edge surgeries including the removal of benign and malignant tumors from the tongue, vocal cords, larynx, parathyroid and thyroid glands, salivary glands, ears, eyes, and base of the skull. We have the very latest image-guidance systems for endoscopic sinus surgery procedures and nerve monitoring to make our surgical procedures safe for the patient.

Our main goal is to improve the function and aesthetics of the ear, nose, and throat. The cosmetic requirements play a vital role in the modification and reconstruction of facial deformities that have resulted from surgeries for repairing sinuses, for treating cancer, and similar conditions. For these cases, our ENT doctors will team up with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in order to provide you with the best results possible.

La Peer Health Systems has a special otolaryngology unit for outpatient surgery in the building. This unit has been created specially for the La Peer Otolaryngology patients. It is important to us to make the recovery process as painless and comfortable for you. Procedures that demand hospitalization, or extensive post-operative treatment or care, are carried out in hospitals that are listed by the specific insurance providers of the patients. However, the La Peer Otolaryngology Department is affiliated with Cedars Sinai hospital in Beverly Hills, CA.

La Peer Health Systems was also named one of the 100 Greatest Places To Work by Becker's ASC Review. There are many reasons why La Peer is on the 2013 list, including providing staff with a complete insurance package (medical, dental, and vision), a family-like atmosphere, and additional education opportunities offered.

Some of the common ENT conditions and procedures performed at La Peer are:

Otolaryngology Conditions

  • Allergies
  • Deviated Septum
  • Head and Neck Tumors
  • Parathyroid Conditions
  • Salivary gland disorders
  • Salivary stones
  • Sinus conditions
  • Swallowing Disorders
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Tonsillitis
  • Vocal Cord Disorders

Otolaryngology Procedures

We have highly trained surgeons that believe compassion and caring for the important are just as important as surgical technique. If you are suffering from breathing problems, thyroid problems, or think you may be, please contact our head and neck surgeons at 855-360-9119.


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Dr. Babak Larian, MD, FACS
Babak Larian, MD, FACS
Babak Larian is a highly experienced and reputable ear, nose & throat specialist, and  head & neck surgeon in Los Angeles. readmore
Dr. Mani Zadeh, MD, FACS
Mani Zadeh, MD, FACS
Mani H. Zadeh, MD FACS is a board-certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon. He is a member of the American Academy readmore
Dr. Michel Babajanian, MD, FACS
Michel Babajanian, MD, FACS
Dr. Michel Babajanian is a board-certified Otolaryngologist and Head and Neck Surgeon. readmore